Stamping and Filing Court Documents Dublin

Published: February 13, 2020

When Orca Print closed unexpectedly last Monday, Hibernian Legal were inundated with requests for the swearing and stamping of documents.

Hibernian Legal provide our clients with a number of Court Document services. We can stamp, issue, file and collect documents on your behalf. As part of this service, all documents are examined thoroughly prior to presentation at the court offices to ensure quick and accurate processing. We can also inspect court files and bespeak copies of documents where required.

Our litigation department also offer an in-house stamping service which eliminates long delays queueing at the stamp office during their opening hours. This is highly valued by our clients who might need to get something stamped and filed for an afternoon Court Session.

Our close proximity to the Four Courts also means urgent filing requests can be dealt with instantly!

We accept instructions over the phone and via email for account holders. Call today and find out more about our services and about opening an account.

Tel: 01 872 3067

For a swearing service, the head of our litigation department Barry Brady is a Commissioner of the Oaths.  Please call ahead for this service as he is usually to be found either at the Four Courts or at the Hibernian Legal Offices on Chancery Place.


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