Positive Callover For Limerick Sittings

Published: July 25, 2019

The next sittings for the Limerick personal injuries list will take place at Limerick from the 21st October- 31st October 2019. The current list is 600 cases, a positive callover for the list will take place on Tuesday 30th July in Dublin before Mr Justice Simons.

The president of the High Court has announced a positive call over for all cases that are on the list which were set down for trial prior to October 2018.  Any such case which is not ready for hearing in the next sessions or in respect of which there is no attendance in court at the call over will have the Notice of Trial struck out. Those cases which are struck outwill require a new notice of Trial to be served for the matter to be set down for trial and they will be placed at the end of the list.

The direction by the President of the High Court emphasises that new Notice of Trials should not be served unless the case is ready for trial. If the case is not ready then it will be struck out and end up costing clients the stamp duty fee’s.

The attention of practitioners is directed to a Direction signed by the President of the High Court dated the 27th of March 2016 providing for the transfer of cases from this list for hearing to Dublin by consent of the parties.

The below link has the Limerick callover list as of 19th July 2019

Limerick Call-Over List Oct 2019

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