Law Search & Town Agency Service Update

Published: April 7, 2020

Following on last week’s service update where many councils had restricted access due to the announcement of An Taoiseach on the 27th March. We have seen increased availability of services as the Councils have worked hard to enable our searchers to have remote access. I can confirm that we do now have online access to South Dublin Council (which we did not last week).

We are still providing law searches, closing searches and town agency services, but due to the latest COVID-19 arrangements certain public offices have been closed or have limited access.

The current Law Search & Court Office Coronavirus Service Arrangements as of today 07/04/2020

Law Searchers Service Update

The Company Registration Office is closed to the public but we have online access
The Registry of Deeds – we have online limited access for records from 1970 onwards
Planning Offices – all Councils have remote access to records from 1992-present. We are  however unable to obtain details of possible enforcement notices at most Councils
Sheriff & Revenue Sheriff Searches – all Revenue Sheriff offices appear to be operating as normal. We do not appear to  currently have access to the Circuit Court Sheriff results

If you have any questions about our law searches please email

Town Agency Coronavirus Service Update

The Central Office of the High Court, is currently open, by appointment, to facilitate the making of applications for essential business only.
The stamp office is also now closed, however, we have a stamp machine in our office so can get your documents stamped before we issue them.
The list of applications defined as essential business is as follows:
Applications for Bail
Habeas Corpus Injunctions and the enforcement of same Examinerships
Urgent Wardship matters
Urgent Judicial Review applications
Issue of proceedings where the statutory time limit to issue will expire before Tuesday 14th April 2020

Please get in touch with us via email with your instructions and with an outline of the urgency of the matter and we can make the appointment, stamp the documents and then get them issued in relation to the above matters.

As we are only going to the office when necessary please also confirm by email whether documents are being sent to us via post or DX so we can look out for them.

We will continue to update our clients as much as possible as the situation changes via our website news section, Linkedin and email service updates. Please contact if you would like to be added to our email newsletters.

We wish all our clients well, and please get in touch by email for more information about any of our services and we will endeavour to assist you in any way we can.

Ursula McDermott, Operations Director

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