Jurats in Affidavits – Guidance From the Central Office

Published: July 3, 2019

An Essential Tip to Make Sure Your Affidavit is not Refused for Filing

Jurats in Affidavits - Central Office Guidance

The Central Office are advising us that many Jurats are being refused on the grounds that some parts are not considered legible. The Central Office are advising that the Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths must print their name in block capitals underneath their signature on page three of the attached document. We received this Jurats How To document from the Four Courts to demonstrate how the Courts want Jurats to be completed on Affidavits.

Jurats How To Guide

We are recommending all our clients use this Jurat as a guidance template to ensure that their papers are completed correctly and do not run the risk of refused by the officials in the Central office when we go to file them. Our Legal Executives will check the affidavits to be filed when we receive the instructions, however handwriting is a tricky one to determine whether it will pass unless it is in block capitals.


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