Essential Preparations for a Monday Motion – High Court Guidance

Published: July 11, 2019

Guidelines for Filing a Motion

Our litigation team have observed the Courts being increasingly strict on certain rules. Most recently a motion was refused as the documents were not paginated and indexed correctly, point five in the Hight Court guidelines below. We now provide a service to paginate, index and bind all documents for Monday Motions when instructed by clients.

Don’t get caught out, to ensure that your motion is heard without delay follow the five essential guidelines from the High Court below:

  1. Applications to adjourn motions on consent and applications for Orders on consent (save motions listed for the sitting of the Court] will be dealt with at 10.30 o’clock by the Registrar in the Court to which the lists are assigned.
  2. Practitioners are asked to note that when an Order for Discovery is granted a copy of the Motion (a Word version of the document NOT a  PDF format) on which the Order for discovery was granted must be e-mailed into
  3. Practitioners are requested to advise the Court of any Motion the hearing of which is likely to exceed 15 minutes and take up to two hours.
  4. Practitioners are asked to note that any Motion the hearing of which is likely to exceed two hours can on request be transferred to the following Thursday in the Chancery List for fixing a date “[ FD] “.
  5. A paginated indexed booklet must be available for the Court when moving any application.

Hibernian Legal Town Agency Service

Our team attend on Counsel every Monday. If you would like us to attend on your behalf, simply email us your instructions and documents by 3pm on Friday and we will paginate and index your documents ready for the following Monday Motion. If you would like to find out more about this or our other town agency services please call  or email the litigation department.

Tel: 01 872 3067


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