Dublin City Council Planning Search

Published: May 28, 2020

Dublin Planning Searches Resume

COVID-19 Service Update – 28th May 2020

We can now carry out full planning searches at Dublin City Council (since Monday 25th June). This service is limited by appointment so please send us your planning search requests in advance where possible.
All other planning searches are still remote access only which means we have access to records from 1992 onwards.

The Registry of Deeds 
Registrations have recommenced (20th April). They are processsing expedite requests for official searches and copy memorials at this time

The Land Registry & Searches
Currently operating at a reduced level of processing applications for registration:

Applications are being dealt with in order of priority. However, urgent applications will continue to be considered for expedited processing on a case by case basis.
Landdirect services and eRegistration services continue to operate as normal.
Issuing of Copy Folios and Maps (already resumed)

Sheriff & Revenue Sheriff Searches 
All Revenue Sheriff offices appear to be operating as normal. We do not have access to all the Circuit Court Sheriff results.

Town Agency Service Update
The High Court has coronavirus arrangements in place until further notice, all motions and cases until then will be adjourned.

The Central Office remains open by appointment for only urgent business only:
· Applications for Bail
· Habeas Corpus
· Injunctions and the enforcement of same
· Examinerships
· Urgent Wardship matters
· Urgent Judicial Review applications
· Issue of proceedings where the statutory time limit to issue will expire soon.

Please get in touch with us via email with your instructions and with an outline of the urgency of the matter and we can make the appointment, stamp the documents and then get them issued in relation to the above matters.
Similarly, If you would like one of our Town Agents to attend on counsel, please send an email with the instructions and we will respond with urgency to discuss your matter.


As we are only going to the office when necessary please also confirm by email whether documents are being sent to us via post or DX so we can look out for them.

Probate Services
The Probate Office is fully operational and we continue to provide our usual services. With the current Governmental restrictions in place, there is a reduced staff on hand at the Probate Office. This will cause some Probate to take longer to be handled and returned. However, we were informed by the Probate Office that they have cleared a backlog and are currently processing applications quite quickly (3-4 weeks).

Our services include:
-Searches for Grants,
-Bespeaking of Probate documents (Wills, Grants/letters of Administration, Inland Revenue Affidavits),
-the filing of Caveats, Appearances to Caveats, Warnings to Caveats, obtaining Probate Officer’s Orders (e.g. Will to Incorporate a Map), side bars, and issuing Motions with the Probate Rules Office for the High Court List.
-Submission of Seat applications

As of the 1st April 2020, the Probate Seat Office have made a minor practice change. They have brought in measures that say that all Notice of Applications must be in print form or the application will be queried and returned as “Non-assessed” by the officials. All fees for Probate applications must also now be stamped on the back of the Notice of Application.

If you are in need of any of our Probate services or have any queries or questions in relation to a Probate matter, please contact us and one of our staff will soon be in touch.