Court of Appeal Article 64 Callover – 18th July 2019

Published: July 8, 2019


A Callover has been announced for Thursday, 18th July 2019 at 10 o’clock in Court 1, Court of Appeal Building for all pending Article 64 appeals for which a hearing date has not yet been fixed. Read on for the full Courts announcement:

  • For those appeals where submissions have not yet been lodged in accordance with the orders given at previous callover lists, the Court will during this list give further directions and make any necessary orders to ensure that those appeals are heard. It may be that the Court will seek an explanation as to non-compliance with the orders previously given.
  • If there is no appearance by or on behalf of an Appellant at the Callover the appeal may be struck out.
  • It is essential that all parties or their representatives who attend the Callover should be able to advise the Court about any further steps that may be required to get their appeal ready for hearing. They should also be able to satisfy the Court that any matters that are outstanding can and will be attended to well in advance of any hearing date to be fixed.

Following on previous similar measures to help reduce the backlog of appeals in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court will give favourable consideration to applications to reverse, in certain specific cases, the direction which had the effect of transferring those appeals to the Court of Appeal. It is intended that the appeals returned to the Supreme Court under this arrangement will be listed for hearing between the 18th-29th November 2019.

There will be a further Callover next term of those appeals which have been allocated a provisional date as above. Provided the appeal is ready for hearing at that time the hearing date will be confirmed subject to a formal application being made to the Supreme Court under Article 64 to transfer the appeal to that Court. Such application is made by way of Supreme Court Form 4 which can be found on the Courts Service Website. It is important to highlight that the return of appeals to the Supreme Court on the basis of these arrangements is on the understanding that the appeal can and will be heard on the assigned date.

The Office of the Court of Appeal will be trying to notify the parties (or their legal representatives) in each appeal included in the Callover, however they stress that it is still the responsibility of any party or their legal representatives to check the list as to whether an appeal in which they are involved is included.

We will be making consent applications. If you would like us to attend or make an application on your behalf, give us a call or send us an email and we can take your instructions.
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