Bank chasing beauty queen through Facebook after court no-show

Published: August 5, 2016

The following article appeared in the Irish Independent on 22nd July 2016.

Lisa Harrison-BonhamLisa Harrison-Botham– the daughter-in-law of cricket star Ian Botham – is in “serious repayment arrears” for the Citywest home she shared with former boyfriend Mark Kershaw.

Neither Lisa Harrison, as named in the proceedings issued by Ulster Bank Ireland Limited, nor her former partner Kershaw, were in the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin yesterday when their names were called to answer the bank’s litigation.

Barrister John Donnelly, counsel for the bank, asked Judge Jacqueline Linnane for leave to serve the proceedings at the Northern Ireland address of glamour magazine IN! which, he said, was edited by Ms Harrison.

The bank is attempting to take back 22 Belfry Square, Citywest, Dublin, for which Harrison (35) and Kershaw had been granted a mortgage – now heavily in arrears.

It was discovered that the former couple had not lived at Belfry Square since before 2008.

Socialite Harrison married Liam Botham on the Caribbean island of Mustique in 2013.

She gave birth to their first child in Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital in July 2015.

Liam Botham is a former county cricketer for Hampshire and has been a professional in both rugby union and rugby league codes. The Circuit Civil Court heard yesterday how Ulster Bank Ireland had failed in its international search to track down Harrison-Botham in order to serve her with court proceedings to repossess her home in the capital.

Mr Donnelly, who appeared with solicitors Hugh J Ward and Company, said a Civil Bill for Possession had been sent to both defendants by registered post at Belfry Square but had been returned uncalled for.

Dara O’Loghlin, a solicitor at Hugh J Ward, stated in an affidavit that a summons server had been told the house was let out to tenants.

Afterwards he had directed a Hibernia Legal International Limited agent to carry out a trace on Kershaw and Harrison and, in 2013, he discovered the couple had not lived at Belfry Square since before 2008.

Mr O’Loghlin said in his 2013 affidavit that the defendants were no longer in a relationship and Mr Kershaw lived at another address.

He said that through a detailed search Hibernian Legal International found out that Ms Harrison was the owner and publisher of IN! magazine, Church View, Holywood, Co Down, and was now married to Ian Botham’s son, Liam Botham (38), and living with her husband in London.

Mr O’Loghlin said the search for Mr Kershaw had been exhausted without turning up a current residential address for him.

He had then told Hibernian Legal International to extend their search to the UK in a bid to locate Ms Harrison through her married name, Lisa Harrison-Botham, but no specific address for her was known.

Mr O’Loghlin said tracing agents identified a Facebook profile for ‘Lisa Harrison Botham’ which had been updated on March 25, 2016.

He now sought to have her served via e-mail to her Facebook profile and also for a court direction to affix the summons for both defendants to the door of Belfry Square and, in Ms Harrison’s case, to her Co Down office.

Mr Donnelly told the court that a tenant at Belfry Square had said his landlord was a man called “Mark”.

The court heard earlier that rent for the property was not being passed on to the bank.

Judge Linnane adjourned the application for substituted service of the proceedings on both defendants but allowed the bank to renew its Civil Bill, service of which could be dealt with later.