Probate Services

Probate Searches

We conduct probate searches and obtain copy documents from the Probate Office Dublin, Probate Office UK, Wales and Scotland and The National Archives and District Probate Registries.

Probate Rules Office

We file Caveats, Appearances to Caveats, Warnings to Caveats, obtain Probate Officers Orders (e.g. Will to Incorporate a Map) and issue and file Notice of Motions with the Probate Rules Office for the High Court List.

Probate Seat Office Applications

We attend at the Probate Seat Office and submit Solicitor’s applications for assessment, attend to De Bonis Non Applications and make Remove Applications.

Probate Court Attendance

We attend Counsel and make Consent Applications in the High Court Probate List. We also liaise with Probate Officials from general office staff to Registrars of the Court in order to assist our client’s application.