Probate Seat Applications

Probate Office Application Service, our clerks are well trained and versed in the finer details of Probate. Our clerks will carefully assess your application before submitting it to the Probate Seat Office to ensure that everything is in order before lodging the papers.

In the event that the application is queried from the Seat Office, our clerks will endeavour to deal with all possible queries they can before re lodging the application. Should future documentation need to be submitted or amended and re sworn, our clerks endeavour to explain the query and the process of addressing it in the easiest way possible, to ensure a quick and smooth re application process.

Seat Office Applications, our clerks can take the stress out of waiting for your application to be accessed and upon lodgement will provide a rough estimate of when your application will be processed.

Our clerks can conduct Probate Searches, Obtain copy Grants, Wills and more in the General Probate Office and lodge Motions, Applications and Caveats with the Probate Rules Office on your behalf. Our clerks liaise with Probate Officials from the Seat Office to Registrars on a Weekly basis and can advise on many aspects of Probate should the need arise.

Important changes to probate application requirements since November 2019 read more here

A Notice of Application template available for download here: Notice of Application 2019