Court Administration

Hibernian Legal (International) Limited offers our clients a number of administration and support services in litigation matters.

We can stamp, issue, file and collect documents on your behalf. As part of this service, all documents are examined thoroughly prior to presentation at the court offices to ensure quick and accurate processing. We can also inspect court files and bespeak copies of documents where required.

Over the years we have developed strong working relationships with a number of court officials and Registrars. These contacts help to resolve any time-consuming difficulties that may arise.

Document drafting services are also available, including Affidavits of Service, Subpoenas, Appearances, Notices of Intention to Proceed, etc.

Our clerks routinely attend at the following offices on behalf of clients:

  • District Court (Civil, Family, Licensing & Criminal)
  • Circuit Court (Civil, Family & Criminal)
  • High Court (Civil, Family, Criminal, Probate, Wards of Court, Examiner’s Office & Taxing Master’s Office)
  • Supreme Court

We can also attend on request at the following:

  • General Solicitors Office
  • The Rights Commissioner
  • The Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Offices of the DPP
  • Offices of the Chief State Solicitor
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Foreign Affairs